Colorado Trip - July 25th - 28th, 2008

Denver, Colorado

July 25th - 28th, 2008

Bob, Micah, Chelcy, Brandi, Graham, Ryan & Tami

Bob gathered up his kids for a meeting in Colorado for some fun white water rafting and bike riding. Micah, Chelcy and Bob headed out on July 25th from St. Louis to Colorado. There they met up with Ryan and Tami who live there and Brandi and Graham with their son Alastair who had already arrived in Colorado. A rental condo in Breckinridge was home for a few days while the gang all headed for some fun in the sun. The rental car was picked up and off to the mountains they went. After arriving, groceries were bought, dinner cooked and off to bed to prepare for a big first full day tomorrow.

Up the next morning for Breakfast and to hit the road for a full day of white water rafting. Since Brandi and Graham had Alastair along, they would split up and one go in the morning while the other met up at lunch and switched off. So off to the river they go. After getting on the wet suits, helmets and life jackets, it was off for the instructions. Next hop into the raft. The water flow was 1000 - 1100 cubic feet per second making for a great run. They run the rafting when it is 400 - 2400 so this was a middle of the road rafting. It was about 18 - 20 miles total and the drop was about 40 - 100. They would be doing the numbers/narrows part of the Arkansas River.

As you can see, it was important to have a great guide and they had the best. Check out all the following pictures from the first half of the rafting.

Now, it was time for lunch and to switch off rafters. While Brandi and Alastair watched for their arrival, the group was bellowing down the river. Finally, lunch break stop and it was time for fajitas and drinks.

After a quick change of gear, wet suit and helmet it was time to head down the rest of the river. And time for Alastair to watch as dad gave up his spot and mom took her place on the raft.

On the left, Alastair dresses as if he will head into the raft but on the right, he sits and watches as the river flows in the background. (soon to be occupied by his family)

On the left, Micah and Brandi gear up for the second half of the rafting. On the right is Micah and Chelcy - ready for the challenge. Below are pictures taken on the second half of the float.

After a long day of rafting, it was back to the condo for dinner in the room and a good night's sleep. The next day would be a day of bike riding. Some of the group took the ski lift to the top and road their bikes down the mountain. It was dangerous for a non-trained person and I heard there were crashes that happened. After lunch in the room, everyone jumped on the bikes for some trail riding in between Breckenridge and Frisco. It was very similar to the St. Charles Katy trail so very nice to ride on. Later it was out to dinner at the Brewhouse then back to the room for cards and bedtime.

Here are some random pictures taken during the trip. Above you can see the mountains still with a little snow on them.

Micah and Chelcy in Colorado in the photo above and below.

And the last photo is of the sun setting in Colorado.

Thanks for taking this wild ride with the gang as they cruised down the Arkansas River. I hope you enjoyed the photos and found this something you want to do in the future. If not in Colorado, somewhere in this world. Thanks again.


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