Branson Shopping - Dec 26th - 30th, 2009

Branson, MO
Shopping Trip

December 26th - 30th, 2008
Debe and Eliza

About every 2 to 3 years, I head to Branson for the huge after Christmas shopping. I know this isn't an "exotic" trip as you normally read on my travel blog, but, it is a trip that we enjoy doing. Usually it is for a week but this year, we shortened it so we could be back for Chris's birthday on December 30th (25th) and my birthday on December 31st (50th) not that there was anything special with the two birthdays. lol And then of course, I like for hubby and I to be together for New Years. While in Branson, it is great to take in the shows. Since it was holiday season and many shows are not going, we try to hit some we love and a new one or two we haven't seen. So off to Branson we go.

First stop in Branson was to the Branson Tourism Center where I had bought a package online that included five days, four nights at the Dutton Inn, Magnificient 7 show, Hollywood Wax Museum, Dixie Stampede show and the Kirby Vanburch & The big cats show and backstage pass all for two people at the cost of $465.26 and that also includes our breakfast every day at the hotel. Once we got our paperwork picked up, we headed first to the Magnificent Seven show facility to change our show to include dinner. Their store was closing for the winter so first shopping spot to hit. After that it was off to the Tanger Mall. At Tanger Mall we found some greats deals. Branson is always great on sales during this time which is why we go. It was now close to dinner time so off to Branson Landing to check out the newest mall and something to eat.

Branson Landing had a unique set up. The stores were lined up on both sides of the road (road used only by a trolley that took you from one end to the other) And restaurants close to the middle which included a wonderful music/fire/water show every so often. See bottom photo. The holiday decorations were elaborate and the whole experience was wonderful. I was recovering from the big "flu bug" that was going around so a slice of pizza was my meal for the day.

From Branson Landing - we called it a night. We were up early for a great breakfast and off to finish up shopping at Tanger Mall. It is by far our favorite place to shop. Eliza starting getting the first signs of the "flu bug." We still headed on over to the Factory Merchants Mall (we nickname the Red Roof Mall). We were disappointed to see many stores were going out of business. More signs of the economic crunch. A storm was blowing in so off to our room for clean up. Tonight would be our first dinner show of the trip.

Once at the Magnificent Seven show, Eliza was feeling worse. The food was great but due to me recovering from the bug, her getting the bug - neither of us ate very much. But the show was great as always. We had seen it before but this year, their daughter was a part of it. We love the Christmas show because half of it has the Christmas celebration. Adding the dinner onto the show was only $9.95 and there was plenty of food and very good. (photos below from the show)

Our following day kept us in the room. Eliza was hit big time with the flu and I needed a rest so I had the breakfast and we hung out in the room. Internet was free and I had my laptop. Hopefully we would feel better before we headed to one of my favorite shows, Dixie Stampede Christmas Show which is also a dinner show.

It was showtime and I was feeling great - Eliza still under the weather. We headed to the pre-show act, a juggler and then was seated for the show. Since the Dixie Stampede is a mouth-watering four-course dinner complete with a delicious dessert, you need to know you have no silverware to eat with. Part of the experience. But the stunts and competition is so fun. And the Christmas show is complete with a "live nativity scene" that is spectacular and worth every penny of the price of the ticket. ($48.13 if you get the above boot drink at the pre-show) As usual, the show met all expectations other than our side of the arena lost. lol Yes, the green and red sides compete with chicken chasing, horse riding, ostrich riding, horse shoe throw, among many other games. And, the "live Nativity scene" complete with camels carrying the wise men and animals running a muck was great. Below are many photos from the show.

Pre-show juggler above and the arena show during dinner below.

Below are photos from the "Live Nativity" at Dixie Stampede.

Below are photos from some of the games at the Dixie Stampede Show that have one side of the arena competing against the other side of the arena. For the holiday season, the teams would be red against green in celebration of the colors of Christmas.

One of my favorites parts of the show is the above comedian. He keeps you laughing in your seat as he keeps the show going. You never know what he will do and say.
And even though the photo above isn't the best, Dolly does show up via the big screen.

And of course, no Christmas show would be complete without Santa Claus on his sled. OK, no reindeer but check out those Clydesdales.
Today we were up early with breakfast at the hotel and hit store after store. We ended up back at Branson Landing for last minute shopping and dinner at Charleys. From there it was to our last show of our trip, Kirby Van Burch Show. I did not look forward to this show since I am not an "illusion/magic" person. I just feel I spend all my time trying to figure it out versus enjoying it. lol Part of the show was a Crossbow world champion that was unbelievably great. Well worth the show. But photos could not be taken at this show. We also had a backstage pass to see the big cats at the end. I wasn't to impressed with the living conditions and one lion was very aggressive towards us looking into his cage, charging the plexiglas window as someone walked up. I was thinking, "get me out of here!" The above photo is the outside of the show theatre which is beautiful while the bottom photo is the stage before the show started.

I can't say this trip was my best because neither Eliza nor I felt our best, but, we had a great time in spite of the problems. The shopping was great and considering I have a new grand-daughter coming up, well, lets just say she has a full wardrobe at my home waiting on her. And the weather was unbelievable. If only we would have known it was going to be so warm, we would have spent a day at Silver Dollar City. Next time, we will check way in advance to see what the odds are of having a "short sleeve" day the week after Christmas. lol We also want to see the Pierce Arrow show and go to the Titanic Museum which has a full parking lot everyday. So as always, Branson will be in my future. Thanks again for taking this journey with us, even though it wasn't around the world, but just five hours from home.


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