Lake Tahoe Family Trip Feb 27 - March 5, 2010

  • Lake Tahoe Skiing Family Trip
  • February 27Th, - March 5Th, 2010
  • Bob, Debe, Micah, Daniel, Tara, Aiden & Denali

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With an early morning flight, the little ones weren't to happy. (and some of the adults either) Since we were on different flights, Bob, Debe, Micah and Aiden on American Airlines and Daniel, Tara, and Denali on Delta, well, we split up at the airport and met back up in Reno. By this time - those frowns had turned to smiles. At least for some. lol

After picking up the two rental cars - it was off to Lake Tahoe town of Incline Village. But first - a stop at Circus Circus to feed a hungry crowd. And of course, arcade time. We left the arcade with the grand kid's hands filled with animals.

Next - the drive to Incline Village on Lake Tahoe. We left Reno in sunny weather and quickly came into snow, slicker roads, and beautiful scenery.

With one of the rental cars (Hertz) having navigation, well, made for an easy drive directly to the resort. (Club Tahoe) This time sharing resort came with tennis courts, outside pool, hot tub, club house, and nice size units. Of course, you will see in the below pictures that with all the snow, no need to try to play tennis. Also the pool was not open in the winter. But everyone did enjoy the hot tub.

Check out the below video to find out exactly where we were on vacation. Thanks to Aiden.

We had plenty of room in our unit with the master bedroom downstairs in the basement with its own bathroom, another bedroom (Daniel/Tara/Denali took) also found downstairs in the basement, another full bathroom also found in the basement. On the main level was a living room, dining room area to eat and full kitchen. And the upstairs loft had twin beds which Micah and Aiden took. Also on the landing when you came in the door from outside was a closet for all the ski boots, coats, shoes, etc.. How convenient that ended up being. We also had a fireplace in the living room even though with the little ones, we didn't use it. Denali thought that was the play area. I do have to admit, with all the stairs, well the living room chair ended up being used for a baby gate. lol Also off the living room was a nice deck (to cold to use lol)

I only wish that the below picture was the view from our time sharing unit but it wasn't. lol On day one (after a much needed night of sleep) we headed off to snow sled. We had heard that Kings Beach had a local sledding place that provided sleds for the fee of $5 per person for all day. (kids free under a certain age and ours fit that age) So off to Kings Beach and sledding for the day. Oh, and the below photo was taken from the top of the sledding hill. lol Nice view huh.

We thought we had it made with the navigation system but no - this wasn't easy to find. Until we decided to just stop using it and read the signs. lol

The hills were set up with a big hill on the right (you can see in the below photo) and a smaller hill (not near as fast either) on the left side of the photo. (and a tiny but steep hill just to the left of this photo out of view). Of course, the large hill was fast and had some humps in it so many were thrown from their sleds.

Here is the gang, all ready to hit the hills. (minus me) I came along to babysit Denali after she had a little taste of it. Of course, being the daring child that she is - she loved the big hills, little hills, playing in the snow, all of it. But since she wasn't dressed to PLAY in the snow, just as I wasn't, well, we sit in a sled and watched a lot. (and took lots of photos) Oh, and check out Aiden's face in this photo - hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I would say he isn't to happy right then.
In the next few photos, you will see everyone as they enjoyed the day sledding. Even Aiden was able to climb the smaller hill and go down the hill by himself after a little bit. (of course his mom made him try the smallest hill first to see if he could handle it. Yep, he could. As the day went on - coats & hats came off as the temperature got warmer and warmer.

In the below photo on the left, Micah and Tara start a snowball fight with Bob,who is on the other side of me, while Denali and I take cover in the middle. Of course, in the distance you can see Aiden as he heads back up the hill with his dad who is walking up the hill to the left of him. In the right photo, Boompa takes on babysitting duty while I catch some great shots from the top of the big hill.

In the below photo, you can see the view from the top of the big hill and get a feel of how steep the bigger hill is.
And of course, had to take a video of the gang sledding. In the first video is Micah and Bob as they take on the big hill. Kinda looks like the hill won. In the second video was the gang doing a train down the big hill. I only wish I would have kept the video recorder rolling for about 5 more seconds. Aiden was so mad because Bob fell off his sled behind him and then Aiden's dad, Daniel came off his sled (on a big bump) and ended up on Aiden's sled. Aiden got off his sled and walked all the way to the parking lot mad. Screaming, "I hate that big hill!" and everyone there was laughing. Needless to say, he didnt' realize that it was the last time and he went quickly from mad to crying since he had to leave. ;)

One day towards the end of the week - me and the kids got cabin fever and headed out for a drive. We drove back to Kings Beach (which meant you have to go into California) and headed for a park. I know what you are thinking, a park, snow, what can you do. Well, it was right on the lake so I let the kids run around, get some fresh air, and enjoy being out for a little bit. Below are some photos I took during this stop.

Of course, on the way back we headed back into Nevada. This time - a quick stop for a photo. Ten seconds wasn't enough time to run from the car to the sign. lol But it is what it is. I also made a few other stops to get some shots of Lake Tahoe, ski areas on the mountains, signs, and beautiful scenery. Enjoy!!

While the grandkids and I stayed back at the resort unit, it was off for snowboarding, skiing and fun for the gang. They enjoyed day and night skiing at Squaw Valley and Mount Rose. Micah and Tara were doing their first time snowboarding while Daniel was already a pro at it. Or at least he thinks he is. lol And Bob stuck with skis. The first shots are shots from the gondola and/or in the gondola. Also shots on the ski lifts.

And of course, shots from the ski lifts.

And random shots of Micah and Tara snowboarding while Bob skied. (photos taken by Daniel)

For a change, it was snow mobiling one day. Denali was still to little at only 1 year old but Aiden at 3 could join in. So while Denali and I stayed back and enjoyed some girl time, off for some wild fun the boys went. (and Tara of course. lol) After Aiden deliberated with the snow mobile people about which helmet he wanted and the right color goggles - it was off for a ride. Aiden was partnered with Bob while Daniel and Tara rode together. Micah rode a single. Everyone had a great time.
On the final day of skiing, and really the last half hour, our son Micah suffered a head injury. (hit a patch of ice and the board flew out from under him) I blog this because everyone needs to know that if you are going to snowboard - you need a helmet. Since it was the first time for Tara and Micah, you would have thought the rental place would have said to get them but no one said anything and no one really thought about it. Micah ended up at the hospital with a cat scan and a big scare. He has now fully recovered but a head injury is not fun. So Please everyone, WEAR A HELMET SNOWBOARDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After a wonderful 6 days of spending time with family and enjoying sledding, skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling - it was back to the airport and back home. We all were on the same flights home so we were able to take care of Micah, help with the grandkids, and spent the waiting time at the airports in the Admirals Club. What a life saver. lol In the first photo on the left you will see Denali as she is amazed by the slot machines in the Reno airport. From there it was to the Chicago airport where Aiden watched as Denali tried to play games on the computers in the kids area of the Admirals Club. In the following two pictures, Aiden eats his McDonalds while Micah tries to just relax. And the bottom photo is Aiden and Denali in the luggage closet. No, they didn't come out superboy or wonder girl but maybe some day. ;)

  • In all our travels, our family trips are always the best. I am not saying that seeing the world isn't awesome but spending time with kids, grandkids and doing things together is what life is all about. So this trip is right up there on the list of great times (well, all but spending time at the hospital lol) We would love to make this an annual trip so hopefully, we can do it again and who knows, maybe more of the kids can come along. Thanks again for joining us on our family trip.

    • The End

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