Barbados August 13th - 23rd, 2011

Barbados - Island in the Caribbean

August 13th - 23rd, 2011

Bob & Debe

We have learned in our travels to be prepared for anything. And this trip began with surprises. First our plane had some mechanical problems and didn't get to leave our hometown until late. That caused us to miss our connecting flight from Dallas to Barbados. So the airline then flew us from Dallas to Miami since Miami has the earliest flight to Barbados the next day. With that, we were given vouchers for dinner and breakfast along with a night at the Sheraton Miami Airport. We would be missing one day in Barbados but who could beat a free night in a Sheraton with great food.

The next morning it was up, off to the airport, on the plane (after more flight delays), and off into the wild blue yonder. We stepped off the plane in Barbados and picked up our vehicle from Stoutes Rental Cars. Since rentals were so expensive, a 24 hour rental would work getting us to the hotel, buying groceries, and doing a day around the island.

As we pulled into the hotel, a gorgeous double rainbow appears across the sky. Yes we were in paradise.. We were staying at the Bougainvillea Hotel/Sand Acres Beach Club which was nice. Seems that it was once separate resorts but Bougainvillea bought out the San Acres Beach Club so now it is all one resort.

Our one bedroom unit was the typical Caribbean type room but the air conditioners were set up that if you left your balcony door open - the a/c went off. We had beautiful pools, great beaches, full kitchen, and lovely view. (other than our balcony faced opposite the sunsets.)

From our front door - we could see some awesome sunsets but have to say, after the first couple days, the beaches took a turn. Yes, in the below photos you will see that August is the time of the year that the currents do some changing and seaweed comes on short. (so we were told) In our 9 days in Barbados - this day was the worst. But only about 2 or 3 days had seaweed floating in so wasn't a big deal. And no one let it ruin their beach experience as you can see. lol

Our first night there we decided to go to the famous Ostins (since we hadn't bought groceries). Yes, the town of Ostins, complete with fresh fish market and lots of fresh fish to eat became dinner. We got there and picked Pat's as our place to eat. There are many small hut type outdoor restaurants to eat at but Pats seem to be the most popular so we joined the crowd. And just in time before the huge rainfall hit. Barbados is known for a couple things, flying fish being one. So Debe had the flying fish while Bob had the Blue Marlin. Both meals were great and reasonably priced. They all seem to have the same menu and prices so any place probably was good. We were told that Friday nights at Ostins is very popular so maybe we would check it out again.

After a great night of sleep, we had a day of driving around the island. We have done this a few times before so we kinda knew the island. So off we went to visit some sites again. After passing thru many interesting towns, it was off to Animal Flower Cave on the far northern side of the island. It is a beautiful place with cliffs and water crashing into them. We didn't visit the Cave but it was beautiful to sit and watch the water. (seaweed there also)

From there it was on around the Northeast side of the island and to Cherry Hill Drive. (ok, so it isn't easy to drive the island on this side because the main street and side streets all look the same. Be prepared to get LOST temporarily) Cherry Hill Drive is known for its historical avenue of Mahogany Trees at the top along with an awesome view of the island. We had a lot of rain so you can see the ocean with the muddy water that had washed into it. Still a beautiful view.

Also on Cherry Hill Drive you come upon St. Nicholas Abbey. Built sometime in the 1600's, this encompasses 360+ acres and includes the Great House, plantation, and sugar/rum mill. The grounds are beautiful with gorgeous gardens. It cost 35 Barbados dollars to visit it. Its history over the years including slavery and running of the sugar mill can be read by googling its name. Very interesting.

Barbados is also known for its sugar windmill that is still working. Iti s called the Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill and after being refurbished in 1999 is now one of only two working sugar mills in the Caribbean islands. (Betty's Hope in Antigua is the other one)
The East coast with its ocean, beaches and huge rocks that ended up in the ocean (from the cliff sides/hills) now have been eroded to mushroom looking rocks from the ocean's waves. You will also see some very old churches along the drive with a very popular restaurant (kinda expensive) called The Round House.

After days of enjoying the beach, pool and resort - it was back to the Friday night fun at Ostins. We walked from the resort and made it to the Fish Market just in time for sunset. (lets just say that the sidewalks, sides of roads, cars coming at you, etc.. doesn't make for a lovely and easy walk). We walked out onto the pier where we found locals feeding huge turtles which was very neat. This was a busy fishing marina with its most popular Fish Market in Barbados.

Next to the pier and fish market you find Ostins. Tonight they had many craft tents set up just along the beach and huge speakers with music playing. The small venues of food were filled with locals and tourists It was definitely the happening place for a Friday night. We didn't eat there but did try another local favorite, fish fritters. Similar to hush puppies with small pieces of fish in them. Very enjoyable.

After six days of enjoying our time sharing it was off to our next place to stay for three days. We had heard a lot about this place and drove to check it out while we had the car. So we were sold on spending our last three nights at The Crane Village Resort. It is truly all you can read about it. Beautiful cliffside resort on the East coast with everything you could ask for right there. Our room was beautiful and huge. Other rooms had small private pools to larger private pools. But the resort itself has several pools, three of them cascade into each other. The beach itself is monitored and kept clean. They have an elevator to take you up and down to get to the beach and back. This definitely is a 5 star resort but expert to pay a nice price for the rooms along with the food. Very very nice.

I did want to show you what most mornings are like during the month of August. Yes above, we get a hard tropical storm almost every day. But in the below photos, you will see that by noon it has turned to bluer skies and beautiful surroundings. And lush green plants and bushes. Just gorgeous. So below, check out the suroundings at the resort. How could one not love this.

Even though we didn't catch any beautiful sunsets at The Crane Resort - this sunset from earlier in the week will work. Yes, palm trees, a little bit of clouds with the sun going down and giving them color - paradise. What an awesome trip this has been. Anyone thinking about going to Barbados, just do it. There is so much to offer in food, beaches, resorts, etc.... and the locals are so nice. It isn't the easiest island to drive around and it has its rough spots across the island but this island is truly a diamond in the rough.

Thanks again for taking this trip with us and hope you can enjoy it someday. But if not, you can always come back and enjoying it again with us.


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