Nassau Atlantis - Nov 16th - 25th, 2007

Atlantis - Harbourside
Crystal Palace
Nassau, Bahamas
November 16 - 25, 2007

Bob, Debe, Micah & Ali

Our annual Atlantis in the Bahamas trip was moved to Thanksgiving this year so Micah would be able to meet us there. Bob and I left on Friday and Micah and his friend would join us the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We always do the Atlantis in September while the weather is still very warm and it isn't as busy there. But this year, we wanted to have Micah join us since it would be his last Thanksgiving while in high school.

Bob and I were up early for our flight. Bob was sick and I was getting better but that didn't stop our vacation. We arrived in Nassau, picked up the rental car and headed to check in. WE were so exhausted it was straight to bed. Then up at 9 p.m for some laying around time. The next day we were up and off to buy groceries for the week. We would be cooking Thanksgiving so needed to get prepared. Since eating out is so expensive, we've chosen to cook everytime we go. And the groceries are expensive also.

Below you can see pictures of one of the fountains at the resort and some pictures of the Marina. The Marina separates the Harbourside Resort time sharing from the Atlantis Towers (yes the one you see on tv all the time. lol) But if you look close, on the far right side of the bottom right picture you will see some colorful buildings. That is the time sharing.

We had beautiful weather but I have to admit, getting in the cold water wasn't for me. Check out the chairs though. If you get enough sun - just put your top up. Love those chairs. (Bob and Micah in the chairs)

Since I didn't get into the water but once - I didn't get any great pictures of the unbelievable lazy/crazy river they have. It is awesome. Everything isn't open yet but by next year - we will have an experience of a lifetime. Here is a couple pictures of a part of the lazy/crazy river.

One thing the Atlantis has is an exhibit called "The Dig." The Dig is the world's largest open air marine habitat. The Dig's various tanks houses fish such as angelfish, sharks, manta rays, and various types of jellyfish. The Dig is to provide guests with a taste of life in the legendary destroyed city of Atlantis. If you look at the bottom of the floors in the different aquariums, wreckage and debris will be scattered about representing the "Lost City of Atlantis." It is well worth a visit to see it while there. And we always walk through it.

The Royal towers of the Atlantis is the largest and we tend to walk through it alot trying to get back and forth to shuttles. Shuttles run all the time from the Royal Tower, Coral Tower, Beach Tower, and the Harbourside Resort. They are building condos and residential towers and the shuttles will also run to them. Here is a couple pictures of the holiday decorations already put up.

For Thanksgiving we enjoyed a small version of a Thanksgiving Dinner I would cook at home. But most of all we were thankful to have at least one of the kids there to spend the day with us. Here you can see Bob is ready to dig in.

On Friday we had to move into the Crystal Palace Resort since we had gotten our time sharing this year from Friday to Friday. The Crystal was under construction which did make it a little harder to enjoy. Water went off but they compensated us with breakfast buffet which was delicious.

Below are pictures of the main street of Nassau along with a picture of the entrance to the straw market. For the purse lovers of the world - this is your heaven on Earth.

One of the main attractions in Nassau is the Parliament House. They have the changing of the guards on alternating Saturdays and I have yet to see it. lol Guess I am never there on the right Saturday. Standing in front of the Parliament building is a statue of Queen Victoria. The picture on the right is the Statue of Milo Broughton Butler, first black head-of-state of The Bahamas. This statue stands on the opposite side of the road from the Parliament Bldg.

Lakeview Memorial Gardens & Mausoleums in Nassau, Bahamas. This is where Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel have been buried.

We always head to Andros at Arawak Cay. There are many small local restaurants here that serve fresh fish but Andros has become our favorite. Especially their conch fritters for appetizers. Yum Yum!!!!

Harbourside at the Atlantis is a yearly trip for us but I have to admit, we won't be picking November to go there again. We couldn't enjoy the "water activities" like we want to because of the weather. But it was nice to spend time with our youngest son before he heads off to college. This trip I also didn't take alot of pictures. So hopefully our 2008 trip I will have more pictures for you to look at. Thanks for viewing this trip and if you are ever in Nassau - go to Andros. lol (and the straw market lol)

The End

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