Mexico Trip - Oct 12 - 19, 2007

Mexico Trip

Oct 12 - 19, 2007

Bob, Debe, Diana, & Marty

It is always fun to be found in Mexico and yes, a place we love to go. The weather is always beautiful and the temperatures nice. Just relax, lay back for the golden brown tan. On this trip, we headed to the Mayan Palace, in Riveria Maya for a week of time sharing. Along the way we would visit Cozumel, Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and of course - hit the eco parks. So come along and see if you can feel that warm sun.

First stop was at our hotel to get checked in. We already know YOU DON"T ACCEPT A TIME SHARING PRESENTATION WITH THE MAYAN PALACE!!!!!" It is the most high pressure sales of all and they WILL NOT let you leave unless you are mad. So just don't do it. But staying there and saying NO works. Here you can see the pool and beach which are fabulous. A very beautiful resort. They have golf cart shuttles to run you around the resort and of course, you can see we checked out the Flamingo Park.

The next day - up, in the rental car and off to Cancun. We hit the Negro Market for some deals, the Hard Rock Cafe, and just strolled around. Of course strolling in Cancun means getting hit up with time sharing presentations so we took the bait but only to get free tickets for X Caret, one of the area's most famous eco-parks. Here are photos of our visit in Cancun. The beach, yep, senor frogs, the market, and Bob and Marty checking out the spray painter doing his paintings

We don't go to Riveria Maya without jumping over to Playa Del Carmen. It just keeps growing. They have closed off a street to vehicles (see below) so tourists can wander through the shopping and restaurants. What a plus. And of course, we did our bargaining as always in MX.

At Playa we caught the ferry boat to Cozumel. Cozumel is known for its great snorkeling and scuba diving. The water isn't always calm but Bob took his normal position on the boat as always, no matter what the weather or water conditions are.

Once in Cozumel, we headed to our favorite place. Chankanaab Park (a fabulous eco park) A person can snorkel, scuba dive, swim, swim with dolphins or just lay around in the hammocks or chairs. This is one beautiful place and since the recent hurricanes in the last year or so, it has all been rebuilt. There is a fee to get into the park and they have master divers right there to take you on your beginner scuba diving trip or advanced. If you dive - watch out for the big fish in the cave - scary. You will also find many items you can snorkel and find. Spend the day here and don't worry, they have plenty to eat at the right price. Of course we marked our chairs with our bags and got busy. Scuba diving, snorkeling, and relaxing was on our list and we accomplished our goal.

We left the hotel to fulfill our agreement to check out the time sharing. It ended up being very nice and with Diana and Marty's help - we were moved in with free food for the rest of the trip. Yippee.

After visiting another time sharing presentation (yes the second one) - it was off to X Caret - what we think is the best eco park around. (compliments of seeing the time sharing.) X Caret has so much to offer. You can swim, snorkel, scuba dive, swim with dolphins, float in an underground river, walk through a wildlife park, go high in the scenic tower, watch the Papantla Flying Men, do the equestrian show, and that is just during the day.

Below you can see a photos of the Scenic Tower but the other picture is the Mexican Cementery. We walked through it - amazing. It represents a calendar in its layout. It is made into a hill in the shape of a cone. There are seven levels representing the seven days of the week. 365 graves representing the days of the year. At the main entrance there are 52 steps representing the 52 weeks of the year. The headstones are so unique. This is a tribute to Mexican people since pre hispanic times.

During the night we didn't want to miss the Mexican Espectacular. Wow what a great show. They put together the cultural dances from all the areas of Mexico along with games of the past. What a history lesson built into a show.

After being worn out from our day at X Caret, we took a day off. But the following day we are back at it. This time at Xelha. Another eco park. And somehow we got all inclusive tickets for cheaper or free also. The all inclusive was so great. We had lunch and dinner there and I think a few snacks. We didn't worry about towels or anything - it was included with our lockers, snorkel gear, tubes, everything. What a great deal. We didn't forget our camera but they have plenty of people taking pictures if someone wants to buy one.

Bob and Marty took a Cenote Dive. They literally went out into the land (away from the ocean) and went down into a hole. (Not for me) I have posted just a couple pictures but feel free to watch the video of all the pictures.

As you can see, Mexico is fun and alot to do. We can always find something new there or just do something we have always enjoyed. And if we want to just lay back and relax - we can do that also. So, hope you all got a feel of the wonderful things offered in Mexico to do. And there are many activities we didn't do this trip. Thanks for taking this journey with us. Adios until our next adventure.


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