Carnival Destiny (Caribbean) - Sept 15 - 24, 2007

Caribbean Cruise

Carnival Destiny

Bob, Debe, Marty & Diana

San Juan, St. Thomas, Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia & Antigua

On September 15, 2007, Bob and I headed off on a Caribbean Cruise on the Carnival Destiny. Coming along was my sister Diana and her husband Marty. (our partners in travel crime) Bob and I had cruised this ship so we knew it was a fun, nice ship. We were up early to fly from St. Louis to San Juan, Puerto Rico to begin our trip. Our itinerary for this trip is: San Juan PR for a couple days, then on to St. Thomas, Barbados, St. Lucia, and last stop at St. Johns Antigua. So lets get this journey started.

In San Juan we stayed at the Sheraton Hotel - across from the cruise dock. So just walking distance from the dock, shopping and many major attractions. No rental car was needed. As you can see in the 1st picture, we could see the ship sitting at the dock from the window at the pool. Walking around San Juan is fun and easy. A nice walk around the fort walls is always fun - but usually hot. It is a little longer walk to Fort Cristobal Castle but not as long to go to El Morro Fort. Both worth seeing. We also never go to San Juan without eatting at their popular hamburger joint - El Hamburger. Kinda like Krystal or White Castles in size but a huge burger itself. The photo is a little dark but Diana enjoyed her burger. Well, time to get cruising.

St Thomas, the first stop on this cruise but one of my least favorite. Yes, St. Thomas - like Cozumel is part of way to many itineraries for cruising the Caribbean. We have just been there to much. As you can see from the pictures - we rented a jeep. First we headed up to Mountaintop View (the highest point) to take a look. The weather was perfect and Mageans Bay was the most beautiful site for our eyes. From there over to Coral World at Coki Beach. We have snorkeled, scuba dived ($10 if you have your own gear), helmet dived and just swam or relaxed here. So back we go again. In the photo you can see Bob just climbing over the rocks in full snorkel gear. We did have a wonderful day and did some shopping before getting on the ship. Luckily we were the only ship in port that day. (very unusual)

Since we had been to Dominica before, we decided to do what we enjoyed doing before. That was snorkeling at Champagne Bay. This bay (now with a small entry fee of $2) is said to be like swimming in a Champagne glass. Because the island is made from a volcano, the air seeps through the ground into the water. This makes bubbles that you swim in. (where it gets its name Champagne Bay) Above you will see us getting ready to hit the water. One photo shows my sister Diana snorkeling in the bubbles. What a unique experience. We had a driver versus renting a car. The driver also took us to Trafalgar Falls.(also a $2 entrance fee) and another stop was Sulphur Springs - the name alone tells you how it smells. lol But boiling water spurts up from the ground making a spring. You can even buy some miracle de-aging cream from the locals. lol This was a great day and wonderful weather.

Yes, Welcome to Barbados. Another one of my favorite places. Here you can see me standing at the welcome sign. On this trip we rented a tracker and drove around the island. It was sad to see Sam Lord's Castle is closed down and will be demolished. Also Harrison's Cave was getting some revamping so we couldn't visit it. But we were able to head to Barbados Blue for some scuba diving for Bob and Marty. Diana and I snorkeled (all at the same spot) In the photo, you can see Bob scuba diving at one of the wrecks.

Above are photos from our stop in St. Lucia. There we rented a car and did the island. First stop, home of the filming of Dr. Dolittle at Marigot Bay. The island is beautiful but very hilly. Lets just say my fear of heights kicked in a couple times. The Triangle bldg is Bob and My favorite internet shop. Just right by the ship dock. Also a photo overlooking one of the small towns.

Here I am, standing on the balcony of our cabin waiting to go to dinner. Some balconies to me just aren't worth getting. This one was one of them. As you can see the scuba/snorkel gear is sitting out on the balcony to dry.

Our last stop was in ST. Johns, Antigua. In the above picture you can see Nelson's Dockyard. Below are a couple of picutres of Eric Claytons home (one I am sitting on a bench and it is in the background behind me). A visit to Betty's Hope brought you back in time to the sugar mill time with a museum we visited. And then on to Long Beach for some sun and fun (and a look at a local's fishing catch).

So what can I say but "another great cruise with perfect weather!" Just goes to show you, cruising in Hurricane season isn't always rough waters and rain - most of the time it is sunny and beautiful. Thanks again for taking this journey with us and happy cruising to you all.


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