Enchantment of the Seas - Sept 25-29, 08

Royal Caribbean's
Enchantment of the Seas

Key West, FL & Cozumel, Mexico

Sept 25th - 29th, 2008
Bob and Debe
Our ports of call on this trip would be: Embarking in Fort Lauderdale, FL; stopping at Key West, FL; next to Cozumel, MX before heading back to Fort Lauderdale. This trip was added onto our yearly Nassau trip that we take staying in our time sharing at the Atlantis. A last minute special came out for a 5 day/4 night cruise for $150 pp so we jumped on it. We were able to get our free airline tickets adjusted so off we went. Once in Fort Lauderdale it was a $15 taxi fee to the port but we were ready to be waited on and pampered. We got checked onto the ship and settled in. We were seated at a table for six. Two of the tablemates didn't show up so it was Bob, myself, Tom and Tom. (yes two Toms lol) Gloria and Juan would not show up until night two. We had a great time talking with both Toms though and enjoyed dinner greatly. After dinner it was time - relax and enjoy these next few days of being taken care of.
Our first port of call was Key West, Florida. We headed off the ship for some walking. We had been here and done just about everything so no need to book any tours. We first headed to Mallory Square for some souvenir shopping before heading down Duval Street to check out all the stores and places. One of my favorite stores is on the street by Mallory Square called the $5 Store. What some great deals there. Next, as we headed down DuVal street we stopped at Hard Rock Cafe and I picked up my pin to add to my collection. (I have over 50 pins in my collection) We walked a long way down before it started to sprinkle so we decided to head back to the ship. Below are a few photos I took in Key West.

On the left, the famous Mallory Square shopping area while on the right is the Conch Train depot that includes a wonderful store with an ice cream shoppe in it. The Conch Train is one of the best deals in Key West. For less than $30 per person, you can catch this train and it takes you pretty much all over Key West. With a narrator, you get all the history of Key West from the Conch Republic to Ernest Hemingway and where he drank. Well worth the money.

On the left you will see the Hard Rock Cafe. Just to the left of the restaurant is the retail store where I have purchased a few of the yearly Hard Rock pins they come out with. On the right, Crabby Dicks restaurant can be found upstairs. Bob and I ate at this restaurant a few years back and it was absolutely great. It can be found on Duval street but away from the Mallory Square area. It is well worth a stop if you are ever in Key West. Don't forget to buy one of their funny shirts advertising the business.
Since Bob and I are non-drinkers, we can't recommend a bar. Key West is known for many bars. Just walk down Duval Street and you will pass a lot. Sloppy Joes (photo on the left) is where Ernest Hemingway had a few drinks while he did alot of writing. Hogs Breathe (in the right photo) seems to be a popular bar but maybe that is because it is the closest to the cruise dock. But the list goes on and on with bars such as: Green Parrot, Fat Tuesdays, The Bull and Whistle, Captain Tony's, The Rum Barrel, Margaritaville, among many many others. Key West is also known for their "duval crawls." And some cruise ships offer tours that include scavengers hunts that take you to bar after bar for a drink. I hear at night many of the bars are topless in the upstairs. But we can't say for sure because "WE DON'T PARTICIPATE IN THat ACTIVITY!" LOL

Even though Florida's State Bird is the Mockingbird, if Key West had anything to do with it the state bird would be a chicken or rooster. (photo on left) They are everywhere. They say you can go to prison if you kill one. All I can say is they are much friendlier roosters and chickens than I have at my house. On the right, Bob takes office calls while I am on the ship. It only rained off and on for the day so Key West was still very enjoyable.
OK, I had to post this photo of a shirt I saw. I really wanted to buy it but didn't. Maybe next time. But so true. IF BOB AIN'T HAPPY - AIN'T NOBODY HAPPY!! I am sure Bob's office personnel would love for Bob to walk into the office with that shirt on. lol

Next stop - Cozumel. Cozumel didn't take on its normal beauty today. Instead, it was being hit with rainy weather. Bob and I decided that we would jump off the ship, hit the internet shop, handle any office crisis and go back to the ship. While off, we could visit the time sharing we had stayed in before that had been demolished and rebuilt newer and better. So umbrellas in hand - we head off the ship.

There are 4 main piers in Cozumel. The downtown Ferry Pier is used for passenger ferries to Playa del Carmen and sometimes for cruise ship tenders. Punta Langosta, the International Pier (SSA) and Puerta Maya are the three cruise ship piers. Punta Langosta is the closest pier to downtown and you walk through the Langosta Mall to get to the streets. Puerta Maya was totally redone after getting wiped out by the hurricane but is the fartherest from town. It would not open again until Oct 2008. Puerta Maya does have its own shopping as you get off the ship. The International Pier is in between the two piers. This day, were docked at the International pier. This meant, jump off the ship and go to the closest internet shop. (which so happen to be just a little up the sidewalk)

On the left, our ship at the International Pier. On the right is a photo of the beach front area for the time sharing hotel that we had stayed at before. It is called the Park Royal Cozumel and is a Royal Holiday Time Sharing unit.

On the left is a view from the ship into our pier area and on the right is the pilot boat coming out to pick up the Mexican pilot that pulled our ship away from the dock. Local pilots pull the ships away from the dock area and then they are picked up by a pilot boat. Below you will find some photos taken while on the ship.

These two photos above are of our cabin.

Above are a couple photos of the towel animals that are made by the cabin stewards.

Above, the latest to come to ships. Matter fact, with 35 cruises under our belt, this is the first time we have ever seen them. It is a roulette table machine. The wheel is in the middle of the table and each person takes a seat at the separated sections. The photo on the right shows what your section would look like. As the wheel turns waiting for the ball to drop into a number, you can watch it from your own screen. No need to look in the middle of the big table, it shows up right in front of you. This was great fun. I broke even every day while Bob won every time.

And these final photos were of the theatre on the ship where the many production shows and other entertainment is found. On the right is a photo from one of the shows we attended while on this cruise. That show was called "Stage to Screen" and was scenes from broadway plays that have been made into movies. Can you guess what the play above is????

This was definitely a short cruise. Our first time going less than 7 days. But, it is only the beginning of our trip. Next, catch our flight to Nassau in the Bahamas for a week at the Atlantis - time sharing called Harbourside. It is one of our favorite places to go but also expensive. But we have learned that buying groceries and cooking in our unit is a must. We do get all the benefits of being at the Atlantis which makes it so worth it. So hang on as we continue this trip at the Atlantis.



  1. Finally, I have caught up on your many travel adventures. At times I felt as if I was right there with you! Oh, but wait, .... at times I WAS right there with you (lol)!!! I see many hours invested in sharing your travels with us. It was time well spent as I totally enjoyed the photos and narrations. Job well done!!! I look forward to experiencing more as you continue to share your adventureous lifestyle.

  2. For those that couldn't figure out what play the cruise ship was doing a song/screen from - it is "Little Shop Of Horrors!" Great job by the dancers and singers.


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