Atlantis, Nassau - Sept 29 - Oct 5, 08


Nassau, Bahamas

Sept. 29th - Oct. 5th, 2008

Bob & Debe

The Atlantis is one of our very favorite places to go. We get to relax alot and enjoy the sun and fun. We stay at the Harbourside Resort where we have a time sharing unit. That is part of the Atlantis property but across the marina from the main building that you see in the above photo. That building is the Royal Towers and is the tower you will see in any of the advertising. But most people stay in the Coral or Beach Towers. The Atlantis also now has the Reef Tower and Cove Tower. These are more like luxury residences rather than hotel rooms.

The above and below photos are looking at the Harbourside Resort time sharing units. They bring the Caribbean colors into the Atlantis. You can see some of the small boats by the resort but further in the marina, million dollar yachts are part of the landscape. We have never been there without 2 - 10 yachts in the marina. Very nice. Well, now that you get the idea of the Atlantis and its time sharing, it is time for you to experience the really great part of it. So come along for the fun.

Harbourside has its own pool but the pools at the Atlantis are far bigger and better. To get to the Atlantis pools and activities you can walk around the Marina or take the shuttle. Below you can see Bob getting ready to catch the shuttle. The shuttles run from Beach, Coral, and Royal towers to the Harbourside Resort and the Reef and Cove towers. They come very often so no long waits. In front of the Royal Tower you will find the fountain in the below photo. The Beach Tower is the furtherest away from everything with the Casino being between the Coral and Royal Towers. The water slides, crazy river (as I call it) and many activities are between the Royal and Cove Towers.

In the above Royal Tower, you will find "The Dig." The Dig or the lower level of the Great Hall of Waters, the Ruins Lagoon, is filled with ancient Atlantis artifacts and home to over 20,000 deep reef and pelagic fish. Below are photos taken during our adventure through the area.

You know a resort is huge when they give you a map to figure out how to get around. It is color coded to help you find all the things the Atlantis offers. Here are just a couple of the pools. (photo below) There are six pools for adults/kids and two pools for small kids. Also, if you are 48 inches and taller, there are many water slides for you to enjoy. And for some kids, they have a water park just for the them to enjoy. (Bottom two photos) Also in the middle two photos below, you can see the wonderful chairs they have available. If you are getting to much sun, just pull the top up, lock it in and you have instant shade. So don't worry about having to find a spot later in the day when you have reached your sun limit.

Bob and I tend to grab chairs close to the "crazy" river and just have fun. But for those that love to have a beach, they have plenty of beach front property facing the ocean. (see photo below on the left) The Atlantis does not offer jet skis or parasailing but locals have them available for use at the beach. But, for a more carefree beach experience, Paradise Lagoon offers swimming, sunbathing and a variety of water sports. (photos below)

You can't get enough of the many tunnels and cave type walkways through the grounds. You never know where an aquarium just might show up and if you check the times, you can even watch the fish feeding all over the property. (photos below)

Just beyond the Royal Towers lies the towering six-story Mayan temple with its five water slides. The Leap of Faith slide offers the daring and adventurous, a 60 ft. almost-vertical drop from the top of the Mayan Temple, propelling riders at a tremendous speed through a clear acrylic tunnel submerged in a shark-filled lagoon. In the above photo you can see the Leap of Faith and at the bottom you can see on the left where you would come out. Also in the photo below on the left you can also see the Leap of Faith. The below photo on the right shows the tunnel you go through with the sharks swimming above and beside you.

Also at the Mayan Temple is the five-story corkscrew Serpent Slide. Guests travel on a tube at high speeds through the darkness of the Temple's core. The twisting and turning ride culminates with a leisurely pass through a clear acrylic tunnel submerged in a shark-filled lagoon. Below on the left you will see a photo (not great) taken from inside the tunnel. And if you look at the first, large photo above of the Mayan Temple you can see that on the bottom right, is where the tubes come out of the shark tank. In the right photo below you can see the Challenge Slide also found at the Mayan Temple. Challenge a friend instead of the sharks! Guests can race each other, two at a time, down the twin high-speed Challenger Slides. Check your speeds on the time clocks at the bottom of the slides and see who won! Another slide at the Mayan Temple but not in a photo is called the Jungle Slide. Take a thrilling high-speed safari. Pass through exotic jungles and caves built into the heart of the Temple. Located at the Mayan Temple

Another thing offered at a cost of course, is the chance to swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Cay. They do some fun and exciting things like pushing you on a boogie board. If you don't want to participate, you can always sit and watch.

Now, for the most exciting thing at the Atlantis. AQUAVENTURE, the centerpiece of Atlantis' recent billion-dollar development and is a complimentary attraction for all resort guests. This addition puts Atlantis as one of the largest water-themed attractions in the world, containing over twenty million gallons of water. This non-stop water experience, consists of thrilling new water slides, a mile-long river ride with high intensity rapids and wave surges, and never-before-seen special effects that add an extreme level of excitement to the overall experience. AQUAVENTURE adds first-of-its-kind special effects and technology to its water slides and river rides, bringing them together in a lush environment that is both immersive and interconnected. Once guests are situated in their inner tubes, they are propelled along by water escalators, waves, water surges and master blaster technology. Unlike traditional water slides that require the participant to leave the water and climb back to the start, at AQUAVENTURE guests never have to leave the water as they are propelled back up the slide tower via water conveyors. Now that I have given you the Atlantis version of it, take a look at the pictures to really get a feel of why I call it "crazy river!"

The Power Tower - the awe-inspiring grand centerpiece of Atlantis’ new waterscape offers guests four adrenaline-inducing water slides using "master blaster" technology. The above photo shows the Power Tower, which is accessable by stairs or from the river. While on the river, you are taken by conveyor belt, up the tower while still on your innter tube. You then make the choice stopping on the first level or going up to the top level. On the first level you have the choice of two rides. The Falls or the Drop.
On the Falls, you never leave your inner tube from the conveyor belt but continue to the left for the ride of your life. Photo on the left shows the instructions of the Falls ride while the photo on the right shows someone coming off the conveyor belt on the left of the photo but someone getting ready to go down the falls on the right side of the photo. Once on the Falls water slide, riders drop 58 feet to ground level before being propelled up again through twisting tubes. What a rush.

Another photo on the left shows someone getting ready to go down the Falls slide. You can do this ride with one person or two. The photo on the right shows people getting ready to do the Drop slide. This right also is reachable without leaving your innner tube. Once you come off the conveyor belt you would stay to the right to go to the drop slide. On The Drop, you spiral down through the Tower’s dark center.

The above four pictures show you some of the tubes that the rides take you on. In the three photos that look about the same, the far left enclosure is the conveyor belt that pulls you up the Power Tower. (bottom left photo shows people going up) Also you can see the enclosures that are the Falls slide and the Surge ride. (coming up next when discussing the top level of Tower Power) The bottom right photos shows me, with an underwater camera heading down the Falls slide. Hold on to that tube and raise your butt!!!! lol

Next, to the top level. This is accessible by walking up the Power Tower or taking the conveyor belt, via the river, up to the first level, exiting the water and climbing the next flight of stairs to the top. Two slides are at the top,. The Abyss and The Surge. The above photos show the slide called the Surge. Once you are at the Tower’s top level, this inner tube ride features a camel back drop into a cavern, ending in a flash flood. Very fun but definitely scary. Again hold on to that inner tube and watch your butt. lol

The above and below photos are from the Abyss. This is one ride, I haven't done. lol No inner tube is used for this ride and you start out, in the dark. Beginning with a staggering 50-foot near vertical drop, this thrilling 14-second, 200-foot-long body slide through waterfalls and in-and-out of the Tower’s darkness ultimately ends in an underground lair of prehistoric alligator gars. The above photo on the left shows the instructions while the photo on the right shows someone ready to take the plunge. Below are a couple of photos showing the point you are not in the dark. Not long enough for me. And the next two bottom photos show the area you end up. Very nice at the bottom but not worth the ride for me. I had rather just walk down and check it out.

From the Power Tower I took some photos of the Atlantis water park, beach and the resort area. As you can see it is very beautiful. From the tower you can see Mayan Temple, parts of the river, and some of the hotel towers. Take your time and really check it out. It will make you want to go there to.

During your stay at the Atlantis, you will be given an arm band. This band must be worn and yes, they have the arm band police watching out for those violators. The arm bands can be picked up at the towel stations by showing your room card.

On this trip, we didn't rent a car so we walked down to the Ferry to go over to town. (Ferry boat is right by the Harbourside Resort) It drops you off at the straw market which is also a stop for me. From there we walked down to Arawa, an area of local restaurants that offers fresh catch of the day. This is always a stop on our trip. Our favorite place is Andros. (photos below of Arawa and Andros Restaurant) Also photos during our walk to Arawa.

Well, it is time to say goodbye to our island paradise. But, we will be back again. Same place, next year. As we leave the Atlantis, here is one more look at this lovely place. (photos below)
This is one trip I would suggest for anyone. I do hope you enjoyed the pictures - lots of them. It is so hard to explain how amazing the Atlantis is but it is definitely alot of fun. Thanks again for joining us on this trip hope you can put the Atlantis on your future vacation list.

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