Canaday Reunion - IL - May 24, 2009

Annual Canaday Family Reunion


Johnson City, IL

Arrowhead Lake Campground
A traditional that continues every year is the Canaday children get together for a reunion. IN the below photo is: (from left) Fred, Kathy, Marsha, Gerald, Myrna, and Steve. This is planned every year on the Sunday before Memorial Day.
Below is Kathy, the youngest, with her husband Jim. On the right is Marsha with her husband Bob.

Next on the left is Steve with his wife Shirley. Somehow this year I missed getting a photo of Gerald with wife Sue and of Fred with his wife Marge. In the right photo are the sisters, Marsha, Myrna and Kathy.

Just a couple weeks before the reunion, a raging storm hit Johnson Citym IL - Arrowhead Campground taking down many of the huge trees and wiping out the pavilion we have used for years for the reunion. Luckily, the local Canadays were able to get to the other pavilions that are on a first come first serve basis. We ended up with two of them. And that helped as the rain drizzled down while the cooking and eating went on. We also had a very nice playground for the youngest of the Canadays that came.
Traveling from Indiana was Don Canaday and his daughter. While in the right photo is Dan Canaday, his daughter Casey Canaday and Dan's girlfriend Terri all from St. Ann, Missouri.

And a lot of sitting around visiting went on during the rain. In the left photo is my son, Micah Canaday with his girlfriend Chelcy, both from Wentzville, MO. And in the right photo is Marcia Canaday Escobar from Tennessee as she talked with her cousin Karla Canaday Conrey from ST. Ann, Missouri.

Also coming from ST. Ann, Missouri was Richard and Cassie Conrey (grand kids of Gerald Canaday) with his children Adam and Rachel. Sitting in that same photo in the front is Richards dad, Ken Conrey and his mom Karla standing. In the right photo, coming from Tennessee was Marge Canaday, wife of Fred Canaday.

Walking from pavilion to pavilion meant you needed an umbrella or rain cap. In the left photo is Shirley Canaday (Steve's wife) with Marge Canaday (Fred's wife) following behind. While in the photo on the right, Myrna stays dry under the umbrella while Dan Escobar (husband of Marcia Canaday Escrobar) walks with her.

The rain finally stopped and it was time for the annual washers tournament. Yes the Canaday family takes their washer tournament seriously. I wonder if they all have them set up in their backyards and practice all year. The prize of getting your name on the plaque each year is important. This year, the men decided that women and kids would play for their champion while the more serious game would be played by the men. Below on the left is Don Canaday as he watches his cousin Fred Canaday attempting a ringer. On the right, Jim Seymour (husband of Kathy Canaday Seymour) one of the very serious competitors, waits for his time to throw.

Micah Canaday plays Richard Conrey in the left photo while Bob Canaday, in the photo on the right, measures to see if his washer or Dan Escobar's washer is the closest.

As things get more serious, Jim Seymour, photo on the left, figures out he isn't winning because the washer holes have not been measured properly. At least he has an excuse this year. lol While on the right, Steve Canaday is either bribing his nephew Bob Canaday to lose the game or giving him a good talking to. Whatever it was, Bob didn't win. Only those two really know what was going on but things looked pretty serious.

Well, when all was said and done, Gerald Canaday wins the men's side of the tournament. Here he is holding the plaque he will bring back in 2010 with his named engraved. For Gerald, this was a big win. It makes him tied with his son, Bob Canaday (my hubby of course), for the most times a name is on the plaque. Way to go Gerald.
While the serious games were going on, on the other side of the pavilion the girls were going strong. ON the left, Karla Canaday Conrey plays Marcia Canaday Escobar. Then Marcia continued as she took on Chelcy (girlfriend of Micah Canaday).

Chelcy continued to play in both the below photos, winning against the daughter of Don Canaday but losing in the right photo, during the finals to the unknown person. lol

Ok, Ok, yes, Gerald will share the 2009 winner list with Terri Huff, the winner of the girls tournament. So two names will appear for the 2009 year.
What a fun day, even with the rain, to visit and see family. Showing up as the youngest in the Canaday family was Adam Conrey, great grandson of Gerald Canaday).

And of course, just a little older was our grandson, Aiden Canaday.

Some late comers to the reunion were part of Don Canaday's family on the left while on the right photo, Kathy, Steve, Jim and Fred relax and visit.

As we headed back to good ole Wentzville, Missouri - you could see that all the fun took a toll on Aiden. Of course, I think he wasn't the only one sleeping in.

For those of you that missed the reunion - well we did miss you this year. Hopefully you can start planning now for the 2010 year. And of course, practice up for the annual washer tournament. lol

The End

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