Canada Fishing Trip - June 2009

Canada Fishing Trip
June 12th - 19th, 2009
Bob, Gerald, Fred & Friend
On June 12th, Bob and his dad Gerald packed up the car and started their drive towards Chicago and on their way to meet up with Fred and his friend for some Canaday fishing in Canada. Once they met up, all four jumped in Freds SUV and off to Canada they went.
Once they reached Armstrong, they jumped on the train for Allanwater Bridge Lodge. Here they would check into their cabin for some big time fishing.

The prices include: cabin, boat, motor, gas and bait. But you must pay extra for your groceries you will eat (and of course doing your own cooking and cleaning up) and you will need to purchase fishing license. Below are photos from the Lodge. including the inside of a cabin.

Here is a photo that shows the dock and some of the boats.

Overall everyone had a great time and loved the trips. Below are just a couple of photos from fish that Fred caught. Unfortunately, Fred was the only person to take any photos and these three are the only ones.

Again, not another exotic trip but just some good ole fun. Thanks for checking out this trip and I have posted the website of this lodge if you are looking for a great fishing spot.
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