Kentucky Trip June 25 - 29, 2009

Kentucky Trip

June 25 - 29Th, 2009

A trip down memory lane
with family and friends!!

Even though my mom has moved out of Hickman, it is still a huge focal point of my life. And still, family and friends live there. So my first day was visiting the morning with my mom then heading to Hickman for a "most of the night" visit with two of my best friends in High School - Teresa and Greg. They are farmers and very close to their kids and grandkids. So I was able to see all their family, including the new grandson born just June 4th. (Derrick and Ashley's son) Their oldest daughter, Felisha is also expecting (she already has a son and daughter) and their niece, Rhea is expecting - they will be hearing cries and changing diapers for a while to come. Unfortunately, while I had a great visit - the camera stayed in the car. So below, you will see a photo of the family (minus Ashley's two sons) that I stole from their website. You can see this photo when you visit their site: (some of the best pecans I have ever eaten.)

As you drive from town to town, it is obvious that it is farming country. Here are a couple shots of the crops (corn and beans) that have been planted this year. The last photo shows the fields being burned to prepare for the next crop.

My second day it was off for some sightseeing, reminiscing and checking out Hickman with my dad, Dan Cartwright Jr. First stop was the bluff, a project that has helped make Hickman more beautiful. In the photo below you can see the Bluff Project sign, along with a pavilion and gazebo built in the area. This area has been named the Coffey Memorial. Sidewalks have been built to and from the gazebo with bricks that are engraved with names, memorials, among other things. In the gazebo photo you can see another sidewalk being made. I can't wait to see it as I also purchased a couple bricks for my family.

Another memory from childhood is the public library that we went to while going to elementary school and also I worked part time at during high school. A more modern library has been built in front of it but the old library still stands.
Another building still standing, or at least part of it is still standing, is the old jail. As you can see it was built in 1914 even though in this picture, an addition was built on the front of it. I was told it once sold food. The back side of the old jail (where the prisoners were housed) is no longer standing.

On my trip to KY in May, the below road behind the seawall was totally underwater. But now, the water has receded and you can drive behind it. As you can see in the next photos, the Hickman Harbor is not only where I learned to ski and swam many times, it is still a busy area. Just check out photos from a nice Saturday afternoon.

Also on my May blog of KY, you couldn't drive down to the ferry landing. Matter fact, the photo I posted in May showed kids swimming right where the road is. But not this trip. Not only could you drive all the way down to the river, you could catch the ferry boat which does many trips back and forth from KY to MO and back.

Another trip down memory lane was to visit the places that I had lived. I was told about other places but these are the two places that I remember living. The first place was 205 Chickasaw Drive in Hickman (below left). These were duplexes and are project houses. The photo on the below right is our name still carved into the concrete. It is hard for someone to tell unless you know. (C a r w r i g h t - somehow we forgot the first t in Cartwright)

The next place we lived was Van Lee Blvd and I lived there until I moved out on my own. It has changed a little with a carport being added but it was really weird to see the trees so big.

In the below photo is the East Baptist Church, my home church while living in Hickman. Later I also attended the First Baptist Church but East Baptist is where I spent many years of my life not only on Sunday morning and Sunday night but also on Wednesday nights, for GAs and other church activities. It had been years since I had visited the grave of my grandparents and great grandparents on my dad's side. So with the help of my dad - it was off to Rush Creek Church/Cemetery. He remembered exactly where it was even though the headstones of his parent's and sister's grave had been moved and set on his grandparent's grave (probably by someone who mows).
Here you can see my great grandparents headstone along with the two small headstones sitting on the sides of it which belong to my grandparents and my dad's sister - Joyce Selene. In the right photo is the headstone of George Cartwright. And the photo below is a photo of my dad sitting on his grandparents headstone. In 1938 a photo was taken of my dad's brother, Richard Cartwright, sitting on this same headstone.

After about three hours of sightseeing and visiting, it was off to Hubs for dinner. Hubs Restaurant has become a well known place in the area with people from the neighboring towns coming in for a night of great food. My dad had their catfish and I had their BBQ sandwich and both were excellent. While there, we ran into my niece and great nephew, Callie and Jackson (photo below). They had also came into town from TN for dinner.
After a wonderful dinner, it was off to capture a beautiful sunset. We started at the bluff but as the sun continued to go down, I found the perfect spot for a photo. At the ferry landing as the sun reflected on the river. Now what can be more beautiful than this. (the amazing thing is I never remember watching a sunset during the many years I lived there)
After a good night sleep, it was up early for church. Below is a photo of me, my mom - Betty, and my sister - Joyce as we headed into church at South Fulton Baptist Church.
And then, one of the major reasons for making this trip. A mini get together with some of the classmates I went to school with. We met at Reelfoot Lake in Tiptonville, TN - well known for their fabulous cat fish restaurants. (even though I saw some eating steak. lol) What a great time we had visiting, reliving the past, and of course, talking about those that didn't come. Isn't that what you are suppose to do. lol Below you will see from left: Me (Debe), Robin, Lori, Penny, Krystal, and Teresa.
In the first photo below on the left is me with Rolinda. She was in town for a family birthday get together so even though we didn't have her with us the entire time, it was great to see her the time we did. In the following photos is me with each of the classmates that attended the get together.

Before leaving Reelfoot Lake it was a quick photo stop at the big Crappie Fish. I was surprised to hear how many people have never seen this. lol In this photo is Me, my sister Joyce and her husband Scott who rode with me to the get together.
After a great visit with family and friends, it was time to head back. As I headed home, it was a quick stop in Wickliffe, KY. Those that have driven in that area have experienced the smell left by the paper mill. According to the wind, you can smell it from miles away.
I have always wanted to stop at the scenic drive overlook right outside of Wickliffe which is known for its gigantic cross. Here is a little history of why the cross is there.
Below is a photo of the gigantic cross that stands on the site of the historic Fort Jefferson. It is located in far Western Kentucky near the small town of Wickliffe at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. Fort Jefferson was built by George Rogers Clark in 1780 as part of a plan to protect the United States' western territories from foreign forces and Indians. Soon after being established, the fort was beseiged for five days by the Chickasaws who were angry that it was built on their land without their consent. Many of the inhabitants of the fort were killed. Soon after General Clark arrived with fresh supplies, the fort was closed. In 1861, General Ulysses S. Grant established a Union Army supply base at Fort Jefferson. General Grant used Fort Jefferson as a launching pad to attack and defeat the Confederate stronghold of Fort Henry.

Below is a photo of me, with the Fort Jefferson Cross and rivers in the background. (I love that timer on my camera. lol)
Below is the entrance to Wickliffe Mounds that I pass everytime I go back home. Wickliffe Mounds is the archaeological site of a prehistoric Native American village of the Mississippian mound builders. The village was occupied from about AD 1100 to 1350. The Mississippians built a complex settlement with permanent houses and earthen mounds situated around a central plaza. They farmed the river bottoms and participated in a vast trade network. They also buried their dead here with dignity and respect. After the 1300’s the Mississippians at Wickliffe Mounds abandoned the village. The site has been a tourist attraction known as the Ancient Buried City. Today, the Wickliffe Mounds museum exhibits the excavated features of the mounds, outstanding displays of Mississippian pottery, stone tools, bone and shell implements, the architecture of Mississippian mounds and houses, burial practices of the Mississippians and a bird's eye view of the bluff atop the ceremonial mound. I have to admit, I have never been in it but I hope to visit on one of my trips home.
As I continued on my drive home - there are two rivers I must cross. The first (going from KY to IL) is the Ohio River (bridge in the left photo below) followed by a quick left and the bridge that crosses the Mississippi River taking you into Missouri. (below photo on the right)

At times, the roads are so long and boring that it makes the trip seem even longer than four hours. But, finally I was back home. Even though it was a great trip - there is no place like home. (and that is were I lay my head at night) lol

Yes, another trip that takes me down memory lane. This time, we really did go down Memory Lane. Between visiting places I lived and seeing my child hood friends and classmates - well, it made my trip extra special. The only thing that would have made it better was to have my husband and kids along for the ride. But then again, it isn't their childhood memories so they wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as me. lol Thanks again for taking this trip with me. Maybe seeing a little part of me gives you a new inside view of who I really am. Just a down home country girl.

The End

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