Family Trip Branson MO - July 23 - Aug 1, 2010

  • Branson, Missouri

  • July 23rd - August 2nd, 2010
  • Bob, Debe, Daniel, Tara, Aiden, Denali, Micah, Chelcy, Eric, Dee, Joey
Bob, Micah and Chelcy headed out for Branson, MO as soon as they got off work. They took care of getting us all checked into the Grand Crowne condos. Debe, Daniel, Tara, Aiden, & Denali left home early evening in the 15 passenger van headed for Branson. So the family vacation began and some would come and go during the week. A little time with family is better than no time with family. (Chris had just returned from two weeks of military training so he couldn't get time away from work. Also, being a newlywed, he just wanted to be with his new wife and son. Chris, Angie and Evan were truly missed. )
The next morning it was up early and off for the complimentary breakfast that comes with the condo. Dry cereals, waffles, oats, doughnuts, fruit, well, you get the pictures. At least it took care of our hungry until lunch.

Then it was off to Silver Dollar City. We had purchased tickets for $97 that gave us a two day pass for Silver Dollar City and a two day pass for White Water. Considering this was the busiest time in Branson, we figured we would need it. So off for our first day of family fun.
Going into the park were so many people taking pictures that we waited until we left to get a group shot. But it served the same purpose - us at Silver Dollar City. ;) We just look a little rougher. But that just means we had lots of fun.
This week the Jetsons made an appearance at Silver Dollar City. Denali pretty much isn't scare of anyone or anything but Aiden was a little hesitate. Thats ok, they finally warmed up to him.

Debe stayed off the rides and babysit Denali, others enjoyed the rides. Between Lost River, Big Barn Swing, Log ride, and many others, everyone had a fun but very very hot day. Those refillable containers came in very handy today.

The group didn't ride the new water blast ride but Daniel did get totally soaked when he decided (with help from Micah) to shoot the passengers on the ride from the side. I don't really know who got the worst of the deal. ;) Since this is a family fun place, the little ones also enjoyed their rides.

As you can see below, Aiden was big enough to ride a couple of the big rides but was to little for most of them. Don't worry, he really wasn't sad - we made him act that way. lol

And Denali was happy just hanging out with her best buddy, Uncle Micah, or pulling the flowers off the plants. Oh, but when she did get on the rides, you had to be prepared for the breakdown afterwards. She DID NOT want to get off. I think that is expected with an one year old.

After a great night of sleep, it was off to White Water for a day to cool off. We needed that after a day of heat, people, and walking all day at Silver Dollar City. Luckily, many people were arriving in Branson and/or leaving Branson today so White Water wasn't to full. And it was refreshing. We learned that getting into White Water Park is like going through airport security. All bags checked not for weapons, but for food. Yes, they want every penny you have. They do provide a shelter to eat the food you brought but it is outside the park. So, you can't bring any food or drink into the park. But you can bring all the money you want to buy what they offer.
We found our place for the day in the shade at the kiddie area but there were plenty of chairs in the area to sit at. This kiddie area became my home for the day.

While the others enjoyed the rest of the park (lazy river, water slides, wave pool, etc... ) I enjoyed watching the grandkids have a great time at the kiddie slides, water sprays, etc.. Heck, the little ones even rode the "family" slide which everyone loved. Overall, everyone came and went at the kiddie area for the day.

As the day went on, Bob, Micah and Chelcy headed back to the condo to pack and leave. Yes the working class had to head back to work. (well, the working class with no vacation time lol) Me, Daniel, Tara and the grandkids stayed for a little longer at the park then headed back to the room. After cleaning up it was off to Branson Landing to enjoy the water/fire show. Bad news, shops close at 8 on Sunday nights. Good news, the water/fire show runs every half hour from 8:30 p.m. - 10 p.m. So we were able to see it.

Photo of Daniel's family looking down one side of Branson Landing shops.
We left there starving so we the first place not packed was the Uptown Cafe so we ate there. Very good food but not super cheap.
Monday we headed to shop. It was soooooooooo hot so after a short trip, it was back to the condo. Then it was time with the kiddos at the playground. They had so much fun as you can tell.

Tuesday it was back up, breakfast in the condo, then off for more shopping but this time back to Branson Landing. Denali and Aiden loved this shopping day since they got to pick something. Denali headed to Build A Bear to make her multi pink color bear with a tutu. (photos below) But Aiden headed with his dad to Build a Car (or whatever it was called) He left with a car just like his parents. (they both have Scion XBs) His dad helped him pick a black XB since his mom has one the same. (Daniel has a white one) That would help make mom happy. Getting three sets of wheels made dad, Daniel happy. He regretted that later when Aiden wanted to keep changing the wheels on his car. My thought, "like father like son!!!" We remember those days but not on a toy car, on his cars. (no photos of Aiden building his car since his dad did that while we were in a clothes shop. lol)

That night, no dinner in the condo. It was off for the Dixie Stampede Show. Yes, the dinner show that includes dinner, but eating with your hands. The kids really enjoyed seeing the horses and animals in the show. Under four is free but a lap child so it wasn't always so comfortable for the adults. It is close quarters eating even without a kid in your lap. But we enjoyed the show and food.

After the show it was a quick stop at the kids rides. Aiden was able to ride the go kart all by himself. (ok, we lied and said he was four but don't tell) And who could let a 3 year old ride a go kart for the first time all by himself without taking a movie. So below, check out his first real life driving. lol I only wish I would have gotten the video when he crashed. lol Denali enjoyed her bunny ride but as unusual, didn't want to get off.

Another great night of sleep and up again for another exciting day. Today, it was breakfast and then off to the Amazing Pets show. We thought this would be fun for the kids. Kids were free but over $30 per person for adults. I had seen bird shows, dog shows, etc. but a first time to see a cat show. I never knew cats could be trained to do pretty much about what a dog cat do. After the show it was back to the condo to prepare for the next group to arrive. Eric, Dee and Joey (Dee's brother she raises) More family to enjoy.

Eric, Dee, and Joey came in and I babysit while they all headed shopping after dinner. Then it was up the next morning for their first day at Silver Dollar City, our second day. Again, a photo at the end of the day versus fighting the crowd to get one on arrival.
More rides, fun, and heat. Yes, another record hot day for us to suffer through. But everyone drank alot and enjoyed the day.

This time, a couple of videos from the Powder Keg ride. Eric and I watched with the little ones while the rest enjoyed the ride.

And more rides, more fun for everyone.

The next day, Friday, it was back to White Water. Missouri's heat wave and record temperatures continue and going to White Water is the only way to stay cool. So breakfast and off we went.

This trip brought out the competitive side of the two couples. So with two water slide races Daniel won the first and Tara won the second. Lets just say that age maybe made the difference but I am sure somehow there was some cheating of some kind.

Since many people left after about 3:30 p.m., we were able to jump on the water slides fairly quick. I even took my time with Aiden.

And yes, a lot of time was still spent at the kiddie area. I should mention there were two kiddie areas. One was just water spraying but no standing water and was for the smallest of kids. Then you had the water slides that had all the standing water (pool) under it. A little hard for Denali but she loved it just as well especially going down the slides. Since the bigger kid "kiddie area" was closed because an accident in the pool (not a kid hurt but a potty training accident from someone) we ended up at the smaller kid area. So we enjoyed it until time to go.
Back at the condo it was dinner, baths, and the kids in bed. Eric/Dee, Daniel/Tara then went out to enjoy Branson night life and I think more shopping was included on the list. lol Then it was back up on Saturday with a choice of Silver Dollar City or White Water. The heat made the decision much easier. So it was White Water and we decided to go later in the day in hopes that many people would have left. Ended up, Saturday is a busy day all day. So we just fought the lines and enjoyed the day. Each day Aiden became more brave. So it was lazy river with no float and the really bigger kids water area with the bigger slides became more fun to him, and of course, the adults slides that he was big enough to ride with an adult. (so you understand, they have a kiddie area ages about newborn - 3ish, kiddie area for about 3 - 8ish, then a larger kids area that goes up to maybe 12 or 13).

At the end of the day, we had two tired kids. So Aiden hopped on the back for a ride to the van.
And off we went, back to the condo for our last night in Branson.

After dinner, baths, and bedtime - the BIG kids headed out for some go kart racing and night on the town. I finished up laundry, dishes, and packed for the ride home. We had to be out of the condo by 10 a.m. so up early and on the road. What a great time with family and fun. The only question - where do we go next year??????????????????????

  • The End

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