Kentucky/Tennesee Family Trip Sept 2 - 6, 2010

Kentucky/Tennessee Trip
September 2 - 6, 2010
Debe and Aiden
My trip this year included taking my grandson Aiden with me. At almost 4, he is big enough now to travel without mom and dad on short trips so off we went. With a stop at Taco Bell on the way, we made it to my moms home where we visited with her before heading to bed. The plans for the short trip was to see as many people as we could in a short amount of time and be there for my MOMs (Betty) birthday on September 5th.
On Friday morning it was up for breakfast with my mom and off to Hickman, KY to visit my dad. Aiden got the biggest kick out of having his great grandpa crack last years rotten pecans since this years where not ready yet. And when he got bored, he enjoyed the outside toys. I on the other hand had a great visit with my dad, Dan Jr. and my step mom Jeanette.
After some time, my dad, Aiden and myself headed to get a drink and take a drive. It had been a couple years or so since I had visited the cemetery and it was shocking all the people that had assed away since I had been there last. Many my age and/or younger. Lives lost way to early. From the cemetery it was off to Coffey Park aka the Bluff. They have really spruced it up and I recently purchased a couple of bricks that went along with the many others bought for the walkways to and front the gazebo and flagpole. Was happy to see them now on display

From there it is always a drive down by the river and to the ferry landing. (Hickman has a ferry boat that runs over to Dorena, MO)

And a drive by the home I grew up in. After a drive by the old homestead, it was off to my best friends home for dinner and a visit. Greg Black has been a childhood friend and his wife Teresa a best friend since High School. Love these guys and their family. On this visit - I got to see all their kids and grandkids. What a great visit and great dinner that Teresa cooked for us all. (sorry - wish I would have gotten a photo but didn't)

After a good nights sleep, mom, Aiden and I ate breakfast and headed to my sister, Joyce's house a little later for a swim, lunch and visiting. My sister Cindy also stopped by with her son Dusty and daughter Danielle. It is always good to see the family.

But later that night it was down to Reelfoot Lake (in Tennessee) for dinner with some formal classmates. Every time I go back home I try to get together with as many classmates I graduated with as can come but since this was the last holiday weekend of the summer, it ended up being only Betty, Lori and Myself. (My sister Joyce, her hubby Scott and of course my grandson Aiden who slept the entire time all came along)

The next day, September 5th, my mom's birthday. (happy birthday mom and love you) We got up and headed to church. After church, we went over to my sister Joyce 's house for lunch and swimming. (didn't get a photo of my mom opening her presents but here is some of us later by the pool)

Labor Day it was up for breakfast and some last minute visiting before Aiden and I hit the road. We were going to turn this four hour trip into a full day with shopping on the way, eating at Lamberts and taking our time. The below photo I took as I left my moms. Even though she lives on the Tennessee side, I thought this sign (on the KY side) was really cool.
Aiden and I made our first stop right before Wickliffe at the Fort Jefferson Memorial Cross at the Confluence. I have stopped here many times but thought it would be cool to stop with Aiden. It is a beautiful, scenic spot. You can see the bridges that cross the Mississippi and Ohio rivers from this point and watch the tow boats going up and down the Mississippi.

After crossing both bridges, we hit the home state of Missouri. A stop in Sikeston for shopping helped work up an appetite and gave some time for Chelcy (our son Micah's girlfriend) to get back to her college at Cape and make the drive to Sikeston to meet us for dinner at Lamberts.
At Lamberts, you can always expect a long wait. And we had about an hour. But it is all worth it. Aiden played on the "train" playground they have out front until they called our number. As you can see, the food is plentiful and very southern. My favorite. And don't forget it is the home of the thrown rolls. So if you think you need to bring your glove, go ahead. They are delicious and addicting.

As we left Lamberts, we bid Chelcy a goodbye and wished her some great days of studying and we drove off into the sunset. No, it might not be a sunset over the ocean or off a beach - but it was just a down home sunset across the trees, corn and bean fields.
Thanks again for taking the trip back home with me.
The end

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