Caribbean Princess - Jan 30 - Feb 7th, 2011

Caribbean Princess

January 29th - February 7th, 2011

  • San Juan, PR; ST Thomas USVI; Dominica; Grenada; Bonaire; Aruba, San Juan, PR
  • Bob, Debe, Beverly, Barbara, Pam, Irene, Diana, Marty, Betty, Ray Lynn, Jim, Susan, Joyce, Scott, Jennifer, Sarah, Vickie, and Raymond
Below is a family photo we took on the cruise. Eight of the eighteen people on this cruise.

I know my regular blog followers are going to say, "back on the Caribbean Princess and even the same itinerary as last year?" The answer is YES! lol First of all, I had a group of 18 people looking for some place different in the Caribbean so I knew not to many people have gone to Bonaire. (to see more information on this exact cruise look at 2010, Jan 29 - Feb 7th in the archives to the right) Anyway, on we go. (reminder - you can click on small photos and make them big to view)

After a night in San Juan at the Holiday Inn Express, it was off to the ship. A very quick check in and then on the huge Caribbean Princess ship. We enjoyed our day running around checking it all out and then headed to bed for the night. Next day - first port of call. St. Thomas, USVI. As usual, we docked at Crown Marina. If you walk to the Pueblo supermarket, you can catch the local shuttle for $2 to many places around the island. ($1 if you want to just go to town and shop). We headed to Sapphire Beach via public transportation shuttle. It was a gorgeous day and the beach was stunning.

After a wonderful formal night dinner and show, it was back to bed and awake the next day for port #2 - Dominica. We had been there a few times before so decided to go to Emerald Pool, something that has been on the list many times. First the negotiating took place to get a taxi. We ended up with an excellent driver/guide. (Kevin Albert) If you are EVER in Dominica you should ask for him as soon as you walk out into the drivers trying to take you on tours. We headed to Emerald Pool first and then on to Trafalgar Falls. The trip to the falls we did climb further down to the small hot pools and on to the rocks unseen at the pavilion where everyone stops. This entire trip to Emerald Pool and Trafalgar Falls shouldn't be navigated if you can not do a lot of climbing up and down uneven and steep areas.

Another day, another port of call. Yes, Day three and we are in Grenada. We have been to this port many times also but have never climbed up to Fort George. So, today would be the day. Steep climb up stairs but we made it. Fee to get into the fort was $2. Guides are there trying to solicit you for a fee. Could be worth it but have to say - not much to this fort. Afterwards I (Debe) ran into more of the group and some of us took the Trolley train. Cost $10 (today it didn't go to Fort George or it would be $15) but it was so worth it. You could get off and visit some places then rejoin on the next train. Very very nice.

Day 4 - Bonaire. I have said this before and will say it forever - one of the most beautiful places we have ever been. White sands, stunning water, very clean - just beautiful. Here 12 of the group rented three jeeps and Debe was the guide for the driving tour. We did take our time and didn't cover as much as I would have liked (didn't make it to the National Park). But they did get a lot of history of the slave houses and their use for the salt ponds, which still produce salt. There is shopping right at the dock and in one photo below, you will see Debe standing by the time capsule that sits in town. This capsule will be opened again in 2042. It was last opened Feb 2, 2002 so 40 years later it will be opened again. But please enjoy the photos below of not only the slave houses, but also flamingo and donkeys (they have sanctuaries for both). Also Lac Bay where wind surfing takes place and one photo of a lighthouse on the island.

Day 5, and yes fifth port. This time Aruba. Like Bonaire, it has stunning beaches, white sand but a lot to offer. Things like the California light house, old Gold Mine, Natural Bridge, Alto Vista Church, many beaches and many other things not in photos. (such as Natural Park, Rock formations to climb, Caves, Sand Dunes, etc..) This is our favorite place to go on land trips in the Caribbean.

Day 6 - no no no no - no day at port. Yippee Yippee. So while we relax and enjoy time at the pool, around the ship, and maybe a movie, you can enjoy the photos of our group on formal night along with photos just around the ship. Remember - relax while you do it.

After a wonderful relaxing day at sea - now time to leave our home for the last week. So sad to say goodbye. Not just to the ship, but to our friends. Our Minnesota friends headed home while we had a day in San Juan. So off the ship, to our hotel (to store luggage) and onto the free trolley in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This trolley is set up as a Hop on Hop off and goes all around Old San Juan. After riding the trolley around the first time, the second time some of us got off to visit the El Morro Fort. We have visited Fort Christibal Fort but never El Morro. It was definitely a neat fort to visit. Cost is $5 per person.

Walking around the fort definitely gave us an appetite. (Plus we just spent 7 days eating everything in site). So off to the local favorites hamburger spot - El Hamburger.
After dinner it was off for some purse shopping, seeing the area, and of course Senor Frogs for Super Bowl Sundy game. By the way - before dark we got a great shot of our ship and another ship under the rainbow. (also a photo of Racine Fountain)

As our trip comes to an end - we head off to our hotel, Old San Juan Sheraton for a very nice and comfortable night sleep.
  • Of course, I love sunsets. And this cruise was no different in catching beautiful sunsets. So my last picture came early in the cruise and was a stunning glow of orange in the sky as the sun set. Thanks, as always, for taking the time to join our journey. May your travels take you to these beautiful stops rather it be by cruise or by land trips.

The End

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  1. Sorry guys, found my receipt for the San Juan El Morro Fort and it says $3 entry fee. If you buy one ticket for two forts (El Morro and Fort Christibal it cost $5)



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