Montgomery City, MO camping - June 24 - 26th, 2011

Hermann Missouri 1st Camping Trip

June 24th - 26th, 2011

Bob, Debe, Aiden, Denali, Micah & Checly (Daniel & Tara stopped in but stayed with the wedding party at the cabins made available)

After selling our pop up camper, we decided to upgrade to a pull behind trailer. We thought we better take a short camping trip to get use to the camper. So off to Hermann Missouri to the Lazy Day Campground which was within an hour of our home town. It is a very nice campground with a pool and nice sites with some shade. We arrived early afternoon and started the process of setting up the camper. This trip reminded us of our first trip in the pop up camper back in 2002. After getting all set up, Bob, while walking the dog, ended up with a broken ankle. Well, another eventful first time camping trip. But this time, Debe would be the one to get hurt. Yes, within an hour of arriving, she ended up with a hurt ankle. But we wouldn't know how bad for a couple days. Below you can take a look at the pictures and see what you think.
Even with the pain of the injury, we would have to enjoy the trip just the same. So, while Debe enjoyed the camper's bed, the others headed to visit the area which included a shopping trip.
That also included hanging out at the camper, eating ice cream, and enjoying family.

Since this is the first camping trip - how about a few photos of the new camper. Now that we are "empty nesters" we decided a camper with a bedroom for us, then triple bunks for grandkids to join would work just fine. lol If the parents come along (and others with no kids) then they can bring a tent, sleep on the couch, or put the table down to a bed. This camper is set up to sleep 10 people but any camper with 10 people in it at once will be miserable.

Saturday morning it was up and off to a friends wedding where Aiden would serve as ring bearer for his fifth time. Yes, he has become one popular addition to many weddings. You heard the story of being a bridesmaid but never a bride, well thank goodness Aiden isn't old enough to be a groom. lol Since this was a country cowboy wedding - jeans, white shirt and cowboy boots where the choice of dress. He loved it.
After a shirt change at the wedding, It was time to enjoy the reception. We aren't prejudice but aren't those some good looking kids/grandkids.

After taking the camper down and preparing it to take back home (thanks to our son Daniel and his wife Tara coming by to help us) it was back home. As the toes begin to turn black, it was time to get Debe to the hospital emergency room and get the truth of what was going on.

If you guessed broken, well - you are right. Fractured/chipped ankle. And a torn ligament. So with a temporary hard bottom cast with an open front for all the swellling it was back home and to an Orthopedic specialist a couple days later.

The good news, we enjoyed the trip. The bad news, months of recovery for the ankle. With high 90 temperatures, Debe was lucky to forgo a cast and have a boot. But with a busy daily schedule - it will only slow her down, definitely not stop her from doing all she has during a busy summer. Thanks for joining us for this weekend, eventful camping trip.

The End

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