New Orleans Nov 12th - 14th, 2011

  • New Orleans

November 12 - 14, 2011

Bob and Debe

After 13 days of living on a ship, it was off to spend a couple days in New Orleans. We decided that with a short visit, we would stay right in the heart of the French Quarter. The Holiday Inn on Royal is just a block off of Bourbon Street and a perfect location. After checking in our hotel, we took a stroll down Bourbon Street. It did seem weird to see St. Patrick Church from Bourbon Street. ;) Especially since Bourbon Street is filled with Gentlemen's clubs and bars.

We also stopped by the Musical Legend Park which we decided would be a great place to eat dinner later tonight. They had live music and seemed to be popular.

The stores were filled with masks and mardi gras beads adding color to this lively Bourbon Street. And the sounds of bars with bands and/or street entertainment gave Bourbon Street the excitement you always hear of.

Above you will see photos of the many types of transportation around New Orleans. Anything from Street Cars to pedicabs and horse drawn carriages. But one thing we saw and appreciated was the fans love of football. The New Orleans Saints and LSU Tigers fans can't be missed. And they have plenty of stores to buy their needed t shirts and other items.

Finally it was off to our first tour. The Tour included visiting the Ninth Ward that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Our visit took us thru the French Quarter, past the tallest building in New Orleans, by the camp set up by the Wall Street Protestors, before heading to the rich area of the Garden District. From there a short drive took us pass the Super Dome and the Arena used by the Hornets and then on to the St. Louis Cemetery where we walked the grounds of the cemetery and learned how the people of New Orleans are buried. It was surprising to me. (below you will see a photo of the Saratoga Building that has all the people who died during Katrina engraved on its walls. Also you will see a photo of a structure that was a part of the Eiffel Tower that was moved to New Orleans. It once served as a restaurant but now is only used for group reservations.)

From there it was on to the Ninth Ward. The flood walls in the below photo has now been replaced but collapsed during Hurricane Katrina. There are also photos of several homes still being refurbished five years later.

Also we were able to see the areas that have rebuilt in New Orleans. Below is a photo of Musician's village that was headed up by Harry Connick Jr. This new subdivision comes with a Music Hall used for up and coming musicians. Also you will see photos of the subdivion that Brad Pitt is a part of. Every house must be Eco Friendly and efficient.

Further into the Ninth Ward you will find this monument dedicated to the lives lost from the Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Next to the monument are blue poles that show the height of the water in the Ninth District during Hurricane Katrina. It ended up being 15 feet deep in this area from another seawall that collapsed and flooded the entire Ninth Ward. Along the side of the blue poles are a part of a house made into a monument to show the height of the water compared to the house. After a long day, we headed back to Bourbon Street to Cafe Beignet at Music Festival Park. Bob had Gumbo and I had catfish. Both were sooooo good. Seeing Bourbon Street at night was totally different than seeing it at day. The street was free of cars and people walked every where. One of the highlights was seeing a wedding party marching down the street lead by a 5 piece band.

After a good night sleep, it was up to Krystal Burger for breakfast. I know, here we are in New Orleans and eating at Krystal. But they had a great special. lol

For our only FULL day in New Orleans, we decided to take a full day tour which included two plantation houses. Across the Mississippi River was the Oak Alley Plantation House. Known for its Live Oak trees that line its front walkway. In the back of the house they have a store and restaurant. We decided to have lunch here and go for the New Orleans specialties. So Bob had the Po Boy sandwich and I had alligator bites. We loved both meals.

From there it was off to the Houmas House. This was a beautiful Plantation House with unbelievable Gardens around it. It is also a house that is still being used along with a nice Restaurant behind it. Our guide was Judy and she did a fantatic job of showing us around and telling us about all the wonderful antique and expensive things that calls this place home.

And the Gardens where so beautiful. We loved just walking around the area to see the great landscaping, fountains and ponds.

After a long day of touring Plantation Houses, it was back to the hotel and off for dinner. Tonight would be at Bubba Gumps. Bob stuck with his normal Gumbo and I had a salad. Both where very good and it was fun using their sign system. lol

Great night sleep then up for beignets for breakfast. We would be heading back to St. Louis today so we booked a short tour that included lunch. After eating, packing, and walking down to the pier - we hopped on the Natchez for our River Boat cruise. It was so cool to hear them play a steam organ while we waited in line to board the boat. She was very good.

It was so neat to see all the cargo ships coming and going down the river but the banks were also lined with interesting things. First you see the St. Louis Cathedral Church as it stands so magestic and overlooks Jackson Square. The Andrew Jackson statue can be found just in front of the church in the square. Next we saw the Chalmette Battlefield & Beauregard House which is now a museum you can tour. As you continue, you will see the Jackson Barracks followed by the Domino Sugar Factory. We turned around and headed back towards our pier when the Riverwalk that lines the Mississppi River and the Aquarium came back into view. And of course, the bridge that crosses over the River at New Orleans.

But , the skyline of New Orleans made you forget everything else you had seen. It was so cool to see the buildings rising above the town of New Orleans with the river and skies framing it.

Above, we got a last minute shot before heading off the river boat. Then it was off to our hotel. One popular place that we missed this trip was going to Riverwalk and experiencing the shopping and restaurants that make it up. So we will make it next time. Especially since we will be back in just a couple weeks.

New Orleans wouldn't be complete without a photo on Bourbon Street. And here you see photos of Bob standing next to the St. Louis and Bourbon Street signs and myself standing at the same corner. These two signs represent where we are from and where we are now.

This trip, the cruise and New Orleans visit, was a very relaxing and fun trip. We relaxed on the ship for 13 days and enjoyed the highlights and life of New Orleans afterwards. And New Orleans definitely had us wanting to come back. Thanks again for joining us on another fabulous and fun trip. I do hope you get a chance in your life to visit New Orleans and experience the history that it offers. Just be sure your favorite team isn't playing the Saints or Tigers while you are there. lol Just so everyone knows this, during the 13 day cruise, the St. Louis Rams played the New Orleans Saints. The game ended with the Saints suffering their first loss of the year while St. Louis celebrated its first win of the season. (ok, a little salt in the wound) lol


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