Voyager of the Seas TA Oct 29th - Nov 12th, 2011

Royal Caribbean - Voyager of the Seas


  • (Barcelona, Spain; Cartagena, Spain; Cadiz, Spain; Azores Island (which was canceled due to rough seas & instead we headed to Tenerife, Canary Islands) & New Orleans, LA

  • Oct. 29th - Nov. 12th, 2011

  • Bob and Debe

Our day begun at St. Louis boarding a plane that would take us from St. Louis to New York, changing planes there and on to Barcelona, Spain. But it seems lately - nothing goes as planned. New York was being hit with an early snow storm so after boarding the first flight, setting on the tarmac, we pulled back up to the gate and unloaded as our flight was canceled. Bob got on the phone, me on the Internet and we finally found flights that would get us to Barcelona in time to make the ship. But it would be a long trip and we would be cutting it close. So, off to Chicago, then to London and finally to Barcelona. We arrived and where picked up at the airport and made it to the ship just about one hour before sail away. Whewwwwwwwwww! Once on the ship, we headed to our cabin and found one of the smallest inside cabins we have had in a long time. The bed was right against the couch and cabinet so there wasn't any leg room to get around the bed. But I made it like home. Of course that included my normal photos on the mirror and of course, IPAD with Smurfville. ;) Then off for sail away and a gorgeous sunset over Barcelona.

Our first port of call was Cartagena, Spain. A quaint little town that is very clean. You can easily walk off the ship and into town. A lot of statues, restaurants, shopping to see just within walking distance. There is free WIFI in the square right at the Palace and you can also visit a Roman Ruins right across from the Palace. (a fee) We did find out that they have a hop on hop off bus which we had never seen there before.

Today was also Halloween and the ship was decorated for the holiday. We had signed up with a guy named Charles who had a Krewe group and today - we would have our own Halloween parade on the Promenade Deck. So once back on the ship, it was off to get dressed up for the parade and enjoy the night. Everyone threw spiders, candy, etc... to the passengers. (Bob and I had monster stress balls we threw.

Our second port of call was Cadiz, Spain. This is another small port to visit and we have been here a few times. We decided it would be a good time to walk around and do some Internet.
Once the ship left Spain and headed into the open ocean - things got a little rough. The Captain made a decision that we would not stop at the Azores but would stop at Tenerife, Canary Island instead. We had never been to the Azores so that was disappointing but we were glad the Captain was thinking more about keeping us safe. We were in port with the RCCL Liberty of the Seas and Cunards Queen Mary 2. We decided to walk into town, do some shopping and then headed back to the ship as the clouds rolled in. .
As we sailed away from Tenerife, the clouds rolled in. The clouds had a small hole in them and we watched the sun as it moved across the island. Very majestic. We later decided to pass on dinner in the dining room and fore go eating at Johnny Rockets. The food was so great as we were getting tired of the same oh healthy meals (lol) but we were definitely stuffed after eating there. And so miserable we headed to bed early. But we saw a gorgeous sunset before retiring for the night.

We were very disappointed in the entertainment on this ship which is a first for us. With 13 days on the ship, only 2 production shows, 1 ice show and 2 or 3 headliner shows. It would have been fine if we had friends with us to play cards or something but instead we retreated back to our cabin after each dinner for movies in the room instead. Lets just say it made our cruise a very relaxing cruise which isn't a bad thing. Also, being a part of the Krewe Group and Cruise Critic Group also helped with extra optional activities to do.

We definitely had a great group at our dining room table every night from places around the world. Sisters, Melba and Beverly are from New Orleans and gave everyone some ideas of what to do there. Jeoff and Lyn are from Victoria, BC Canada. That gives us more people to visit there when we head that way. And Erik and his wife, Lise where from Copenhagen, Denmark. It was nice to hear them talk about Copenhagen and hear about places/things we had seen when we visited there. I do hope in the future, our paths cross again. Thanks to you all for helping our cruise be much more memorable.

Two days before we would arrive in New Orleans, the Krewe group had another parade. This time it would be a Mardi Gras parade. What fun. With beads in hand and many who wore costumes they have worn in the New Orleans Mardi Gras parades, we made our way down the Promenade Deck throwing beads and other accessories. It was such a success that the Cruise Director ask us to be a part of their Mardi Gras festivities the following day. Above you will see a photo of the Promenade Deck while below you will see a couple photos from the Mardi Gras activities.

I do want applaud Royal Caribbean as they always has a "walk across the Atlantic" on all their cruises that cross the ocean. This is a fundraiser they do to raise money for the "Make A Wish" foundation. This event is done by putting two thread mills on the Promenade Deck and people volunteer to walk on them non-stop during the entire crossing. They also sell shirts that say "Make A Wish" on them for the money making part of the fundraiser. On this cruise, the Cruise Director and Activities Manager joined the fun by doing things as goals we hit. Example: having legs waxed, sleeping on the promenade deck, shaving MAW on the back of one of their heads. Again, a big applause to Cruise Director Abel and Activities Manager Chris for their hard work on raising over $11,000.

As we hit the gulf and headed up the Mississippi, we hoped to see the banks of the river on both sides. But instead, we saw this gorgeous moon rising from the horizon. Yes, there were oil rigs lights to see but that was about it. So my normal sunset ending is replaced this time with a photo of a full moon. Even though this cruise has come to an end, the trip continues for us as we stayed over in New Orleans. But, that will be continued in our next blog since we found that there was a lot more to New Orleans than we had thought. Yes, we all hear about Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras but New Orleans is filled with history from the slave days thru to the history of the hurricanes. So it will be better suited with its own blog. So please continue on to November 2011 to read about this interested city. Thanks again for joining us for another one of the Canaday adventures.


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