Aruba - May 3rd - 13th, 2007

Aruba Trip

May 3-13, 2007

Bob, Debe, Daniel, Tara & Aiden

Bob & I arrived early and checked into the Westin Hotel on Palm Beach. We got the rental car picked up and had dinner at Tony Romas. Here is a picture of the view from the hotel room.

From there we got checked into our time sharing at the Paradise Beach Villas. We had a two bedroom unit so Daniel, Tara and Aiden would have their own room. We also had a kitchen so we would be cooking and eating in. Here are also some pictures around the pool and in the room.

In this picture you can really see how the Dutch architect has influenced Aruba. Aruba is a Dutch colony and this is one of many buildings that have the bright colors and this design.

Another thing to see, climb, and enjoy are the Casibari Rock formations. Look close and you can see Bob, Tara, and Daniel on the top. I stayed on bottom with Aiden.

On the left is looking down the beach from the Palm Beach end.

On the right is Daniel on the beach at a hotel in town.

Here are more pictures of sites around the island. Chapel of our Lady Vista, rocks stacked by superstitious people, and just beautiful places around the island.

Here you can see the new section of the Natural Bridge in Aruba. The original bridge was formed by the rough waves hitting the rocks. It formed a natural bridge but in the fall of 2006, it collapsed leaving a smaller version of the Natural Bridge. Daniel and Tara stand by the smaller bridge.

The above photos are caves that are located in Aruba. The caves there are named: Guadirikiri Cave, Fontein Cave, and Huliba Cave (also known as Tunnel of Love) These caves are located on the western coast. You also will find donkeys and goats running wild in this area.

To the left you will find a picture of an anchor (look close for Daniel and Tara) and the wind surfers who are amazing to sit back and watch.

Here you can see Baby Beach. It is great for snorkeling or just sitting back and relaxing. On the left, Bob is taking Aiden for a swim while on the right - Aiden is just playing in his playpen.

One of the popular sites to try to get to is Natural Pool. It is also the hardest place to get to. The roads in the picture below show the rugged terrain that you have to go down to get there. Don't try it in a car - if you don't have an ATV or Jeep, you aren't getting there. lol Even a jeep has some trouble. But once you are there, and you climb down, it is well worth the venture. Bring your snorkel gear also. If you look close in the second to the bottom picture - Daniel and Tara are sitting on the highest rocks. I was just praying a huge wave didn't knock them off.

This trip was Aiden's first trip. He was only 6 months old but big enough to enjoy alot of things. It was also great to let Daniel and Tara get away and take a break from being MOM and DAD and just enjoy themselves. Sharing one of our favorite places with someone we love makes it even better.

The End

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